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Our job is to be fabulous.
Our Mission
Web-based project solutions & tailor-made software.

The easier digitization makes everyday life, the more demanding it makes it for us: the developers of internet-based project solutions and tailor-made software that you can rely on. Not an easy job. Exactly what we can and love.

Webfader is a software manufacturer and project consultant in one. With over 20 years of experience in web development, the company now develops projects for customers such as the Talanx Group.

Our solutions never follow a common rule. Because we believe only software that is as unique as your company is really good.


Web-based solutions for marketing & sales based on ideas, wishes and requirements from customers, tailored to the target groups.

Project Solutions
Project Solutions

Development of integral project solutions to customer ideas.
This does not always only include the manual work of programmers
; -)

Analysis / Monitoring
Analysis / Monitoring

Accompanying and analyzing the operation of the applications in cooperation with customers. An important part of any professional support.


Consulting and further development of the software solutions to increase conversion rates and to streamline and automate the process.

We are convinced: Your project does not need a brilliant mind, but many.


Good advice is the be-all and end-all, good solutions and projects result from a mixture of creativity, innovation and many years of experience.

Software Development

Software development is a craft! We develop on our own frameworks and give full guarantees on our products and projects.


The full support of projects & customers is one of the biggest challenges in such a fast-moving time, our daily bread.

The customers and the team are constantly growing with their tasks and solutions. The smile in their faces was always my greatest reward.

Frank Wunderlich
Managing Director

Sometimes the simple approach is the better one. Think different and you’ll find numerous creative ideas that may be helpful for your solution.

Jan Seifert
20 years on board

Project management is being in the middle, being responsible for everything and everyone, sometimes challenging, but absolutely rewarding for me.

Stephan Zschoppe
15 years on board
What distinguishes our services and software products.
The many years of cooperation between the consultants and developers with customers from a wide variety of areas has generated a wealth of experience and software products that are characterized by flexibility and thus reusability.

This enables projects to be implemented quickly and pays off for customers with unusually flexible interaction with their target groups. Essential in today’s fast-moving times if you want to be state of the art.

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  • Development
  • Pace of Development
  • Process Optimization

Who we are

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Jobs to offer

Get your job now. We are constantly looking for hungry talents and experienced developers.

Front / Backend Developer Junior – Senior
Front / Backend Developer Junior – Senior

You are a developer and are familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and/or backend programming languages. You like working in a team and are looking for a long-term and secure employment relationship.

Career changers with passion for web development
Career changers with passion for web development

You’ve got a taste of the web developer profession, are interested in programming, have written programs yourself or attended a beginner’s course. We will train you further and offer you a long-term future in this field.

Project Leader with development experience
Project Leader with development experience

Your job is to be the interface between the consulting team and the software developers. Coordinate requirements from project management and development management and carry out quality assurance.

We are (!) …looking for exceptional talent in the areas of software development, project management and IT. Professionals – and those who want to become one. We educate.
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